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Manga X-men

Blog@Newsarama » Another look at the manga-style Wolverine, X-Men Courtesy of Joshua Jericho via Twitter, take a look at classic Marvel characters done up in manga style….I’m a little concerned with how different Hank McCoy/Beast looks, but I’m not condemning it.

Social Networks Sell Out, Comedy, Netflix Limitations and Star Wars Classic Moments

Selling out Social Networks « Sailors in Vegetable Oil | Design You Trust – Design, Photography, Fashion, Advertising Magazine and Community. Apparently Netflix has a queue limitation of 500 discs…I have hit that limit with films that I wish to see….sigh 😉 And I just chugged 8oz of wheat grass. My local Jamba Juice was trying to get rid of their wheat grass so instead of paying for 2 oz, they gave me 8 oz for free. And I chugged it. That’s right…I’m insane. *takes a bow* One of the things I was able to “save” (via photography) from my water-soaked box of mementos was an old issue of Star Wars Insider with the Top 10 Classic Trilogy Moments.


Bank People Kids In The Hall Sketch…amusing Milli Vanilli act saves ‘Aida’ – Yahoo! News Milli Vanilli is a cultural reference to lip-syncing….so in other words they pulled an Ashlee Simpson 😉

Photoshop CS4, Home Cell Signal Boosters and Daily Comics

20080402_tightpencils_face.jpg (JPEG Image, 800×874 pixels) Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots shares a pencil drawing she did… Daring Fireball: The $64,000 Question Adobe Photoshop CS4 is in beta…how do they keep finding things to improve?!?! Cell Boosters Coming for the Home: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance Too bad AT&T isn’t among the companies exploring this option…I hope they do soon…..

April Fools Fun and Comics

MySpaceTV Videos: – Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Premiere by IGN VIDEO Amusing trailer…. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja A delightful false ending for April Fool’s Day Penny Arcade! – Nested Ironies Tycho decries the need to identify a gun that shoots life as a weapon. Then he shares an amusing picture… Europa Universalis: Rome: I’m sorry, Marcus Then he points the way to this delightful story. So I don’t know how many people noticed, but Laura and I switched our profile coding for April Fools Day. We managed to confound at least one person, but it was still fun! If only Myspace hadn’t been a [bad word] the night before when I was trying to update my profile. It was INCREDIBLY frustrating. Gosh darn you MySpace! GRRRR!

Daily Comics and More Deaths….

VG Cats – Comics – Updated Monday OMG! This if freaking brilliant! xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe It’s funnier because I actually learned about this in the obtainment of my degree in Information and Computer Science…not that I remember about it anymore…I just learned about it 😉 Penny Arcade! – Bedrock Concepts Tycho ponders why the iPhone isn’t the best music player compared to the Zune…..interesting read. E! News – Oscar-Winning Director Minghella Dead at 54 Found via Piled Higher and Deeper‘s blog entry. 🙁 Have we hit the prescribed three deaths to make the famous people start dying for a while? With Dave Stevens and the Black Lagoon creature obit I think we have…unless he doesn’t count in favor of Heath Ledger…sigh

P/A Theme Song Explanation, Spontaneous Musicals and David Mamet Rants Against Liberalism

Tycho & Gabe Deconstruct the Front The Penny Arcade theme song gets explained quite verbosely by the real life Gabe (Mike Krahulik) and Tycho (Jerry Holkins). Food Court Musical on Vimeo Hilarious spontaneous musical… Vista SP1 Available Through Windows Update – News and Analysis by PC Magazine We’ll see how it lives up to the hype…. village voice > news > David Mamet: Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal’ by David Mamet Absolutely brilliant.


The Authorized Dave Stevens Web Site Dave Stevens – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rocketeer (comics) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia tragedy! i didn’t even know I loved Dave Stevens, but he just died! he was a classic pinup artist and creator of THE ROCKETEER! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 The Creature from the Black Lagoon | Touching obit (found via this guy -> ColinStewart)

Talking Plants, Fire Showers and Zombies

Botanicalls Twitter DIY Your plant can have a Twitter feed…..Feed me, Seymour! 5 Works of Art That Can Probably Kill You | Because performance art is all about risk…. Clinton: McCain Has More Experience Than Obama – Politics on The Huffington Post Apparently Clinton is going to get even more negative in order to beat out Obama…and she’s willing to do it…I really don’t want this woman near the button that launches nuclear missiles….really…. Red vs. Blue · PSA “Planning To Fail” One of my FAVORITE Red Vs. Blue Public Service Announcements. How many zombie plans do YOU have? 😉 Great Movie Line I shared this with my friend Scott on his blog, so I thought I share the wealth…this gets emailed around every once and a while as an actual file, but people should really just be emailing the youtube link instead….so much easier/cleaner/neater/whatever… The Living Room Candidate … Continue reading →

Iron Man, When An Engineer Lies and D&D Legend Dies

Another Full Iron Man Trailer Launches – Holy Sh*t! « Featuring Back In Black by AC/DC and Cochise by Audioslave and (of course) Iron Man by Ozzy Ozbourne, this trailer is very exciting…I think it ratchets up to number 3 on the excited summer movie list (1 = Indiana Jones 4, 2 = Dark Knight). Revelation A highly amusing original music video by some of my girlfriend’s church buddies… HBO Films: John Adams Definitely worth checking out! I’m so excited! Betrayal Of Trust: When An Engineer Lies – Wolfe’s Den Blog – InformationWeek How often does a white lie or a cut corner result in death? Should one accept full responsibility for that death? Jobs: Flash Not Good Enough For The iPhone – Mobile Blog – InformationWeek Damn you Steve! PvPonline » Archive » PvP #43 A brilliant image from Scott Krutz PvPonline » Archive » A moment of … Continue reading →