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What this? This collection of Disney-related articles is just a glimmer of my passion for the empire Walt created. The real amazingness is over here.


After dancing, dinner and dancing to Rumble Kings in the Build-A-Bear Plaza of Downtown Disney, we headed inside to catch some more dancing (again we had the horrible choice between Rumble Kings, Gary Tole AND Scot Bruce…why does Disney hate us so?). As we headed through the bag check, I had an amusing conversation with a supervisor who was opening up a side gate in order to create a no-bag line, which I told her was brilliant. As we avoided firework traffic patterns by ducking through the Main Street boutiques, we happened to run into our friends Rebecca and Charley who had impulsively heeded Disneyland’s call and driven up from San Diego. Not to say we didn’t know they were there, we just had…trouble communicating…yeah…that’s it. We chatted with them for a while and then left them to shop and head back to their hotel room (they were tired earlier … Continue reading →


As we went through the bag checking line, one of them announced, “Please have your-happy birthday-bags open and ready for inspection”. When I got to him, I complied, but slyly threw in that I didn’t have any happy birthday bags and he chuckled. Yay! Really great host for the last Tiki Room show of the day..when we cheered loudly, he replied, “That makes the Tiki gods smile!”. Awesome! Great tram announcer on our way out…asked about birthdays and anniversaries (coincidentally it was our 17 month anniversary) and engagements and congratulated the birthdays and anniversarys but for engagements he said good luck! Tee hee!

Walt Disney World Vacation

8 days in Florida – August 23rd – August 30th August 23rd – Saturday – Flight to Orlando via Phoenix and New Orleans Wendy’s drive through Elaborate presentation to hook us on to a timeshare/condo presentation Wendy’s and The Full Monty August 24th – Sunday – Relax Day off – no theme parks, just a timeshare/condo presentation sale + free breakfast + discounted Arabian Nights tickets (Medieval Times with more horses) Exploration, gather our wits, buy supplies, watch movies (Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day) We also (?) headed to the Grand Floridian to discover the magic of “Self Parking” where-in you can park your car just a short walk from the Grand Floridian Hotel’s Monorail station which can take you to the Magic Kingdom or the Ticket and Transportation Center, where you can catch another monorail to EPCOT or buses to any of the theme parks, water parks, shopping … Continue reading →

Disney Guest Compliments – Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jennifer – Snow White – 80’s Reduction Apparently Pinocchio’s Daring Journey wasn’t in Disneyland when it opened in 1955. I didn’t know this. But getting into a conversation with Cast Member Jennifer (who was working the exit for Snow White’s Scary Adventure) about the different endings for the ride in Disneyland and WDW’s Magic Kingdom, she revealed this little tidbit: Snow White used to take up the entire west side of Fantasyland. When Fantasyland was remodeled in the 80’s to it’s current European village feel, Snow White’s track was chopped in two and Pinocchio was installed in the same vibe the Imagineers had built Snow White with. *EDIT – 7/5/2010* This is not the truth. Before Pinocchio’s Daring Journey was built in the 80’s, it’s real estate was occupied by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (similar to the layout of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse had many … Continue reading →

Responses, Responses, Responses

I did a lot of critical thinking today and wanted to share it! The Towers live on … in movies & television, that is Jim asks us what we think about the Towers popping up in media. I think it is garbage to digitally remove ANYTHING from a film, whether it be to replace guns with walkie-talkies or remove buildings that are no longer standing in order to be politically correct. A film, just like a picture or any other kind of archival media, is a slice of space and time that is a precious representation of history. To edit it is to attempt to rewrite history…and THAT is sacrilegious. And in Disney’s case, to keep something from publication for political reasons is even MORE sacrilegious….I wish Disney would release the ABC docudrama “The Path To 9/11”. It was a brilliant miniseries that evenhandedly dealt blame on both sides of … Continue reading →

Fun at Disneyland!

So last Saturday after team practice, Laura and I told ourselves that we would just go to Disneyland for dinner and maybe a little dancing before heading back to Atomic for the live dancing. My friend Lila Desatoff had called me that morning and let me know that Burnie was in town from San Francisco this weekend, so they were spending the day at Disneyland, so we decided to hook up with them and go to dinner. When we got off the tram, we spent a little bit of time wandering through World of Disney looking at jewelry (Laura and I were still on the quest for the prettiest necklace in all the [Disney]land), then we headed inside the security checkpoint to renew Laura’s annual pass. After spending A LOT OF MONEY (sigh…when did it get so darned expensive to be a Disney die-hard?) we headed into the park to … Continue reading →

Orlando Ain’t Big Enough For The Three Of Us, Photography and Speculative Film

National Treasure 3 & 4 ?! Big Thunder Mountain … The Movie ?! Interesting speculation based on domain name registration…. Will Aquatica finally turn Orlando into a three resort town ? Damn! Now I have to visit Sea World as WELL as Universal and Disney World? Guess it will just have to be a month long trip lol. 2/7: Kevin Yee – No Flash Pictures A BRILLIANT discussion of how to take great photographs inside theme parks in general with Disney World specific examples. 2/08: Toy Story Mania!, Valentine’s Day merch, and odds and ends around the parks. – MiceChat Coldstone next to Disneyland! Happiness is… 2/11/08 – Monday in the Parks – News and Photos – MiceChat Including a brief commentary on how unextraordinary DCA’s 7th birthday was.

Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler

This was a really enjoyable read and a thoroughly entertaining analysis of a man I’ve always considered my hero. I still consider him my hero for the things he accomplished, but it’s just so much more realistic now. The structure of the book was very interesting because while it followed Walt’s life on a time line overall, individual sections would jump ahead a couple of years to follow the current line of thought and then you would jump back to the “present day” as it were. This provided a needed sense of continuity in validating the author’s overall thesis about Walt Disney and how he brought order to a world he couldn’t control through imagination. One of the things I’m most interested in is how it all ties into where the Disney Company is going these days. Michael Eisner really did establish himself as the corporate image of the Disney … Continue reading →

Being Grounded Sux!

But every once in a while you get a breath of fresh air and then you get back underwater with your self-contained breathing apparatus and just curse your own stupidity. But anyways! I was permitted to go social dancing at Disneyland this evening because my dear friend Lila’s pass was expiring soon and I wanted one more chance to dance with her at Disneyland AND Stompy Jones was playing. So I get to Carnation Plaza Gardens just as the band is coming on, and I’m a little concerned with the dancer turn-out…practically nobodies there. But by the end of the third song, the dance floor is crowded! And with tons of really great dancers! I mean people who haven’t been seen at the park in years were there dancing and it was an absolute blast! Hooray for Martin Luther King Jr. getting us a 3 day weekend! Well, and all … Continue reading →